Good morning and good night, I do not know when you will read these lines but let's start with a little introduction.

Your dear Lyed walker (of which the opinion is at the bottom of the article) welcomes you in a historical column of this title, Sand. It is not mine but of all the editorial staff, so it may from time to time be published by any of us. Let's go to the facts, for who was new and did not know Arena here is what it is: it takes a hot trend, it is in the meal to all the editorial and voila, comes out of a multi-faceted editorial with the sometimes tense sometimes tense tones. If you have something to propose to know our very personal points of view, Fraws including, do not hesitate to let us know!

As well as for "Editor for One Day", we can not guarantee the editorial writing for any topic you have proposed as cadence will not see too close to each other.

So study, we pass the line a Katsuragi to see what he thinks, keeping in mind that for Remaster means a game remastered to higher resolutions by leaving it intact in its structure (Final Fantasy X HD), for Remake is meant to remake a video game from scratch, keeping plot and characters unaltered (Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy) and finally for reboot the total remake of a game is to be maintained, keeping only the ideological setting (DmC - Devil May Cry):


Probably in the team of We're talking about Video Games can be considered the only almost totally extraneous element to gaming on PC. My first approach to the media took place in the games room, but I never had a chance to play on a personal computer unless in the late age when I was completely captivated and fascinated by the console world, especially the portable ones.

The very first gray Nintendo brick, therefore, was my first real console, unless we exclude the sly but fascinating Commodore VIC 20 inherited by the rogue. For this reason, the concept of total retrocompatibility is somewhat alien to me, except for the experiments with the titles of the first PlayStation which turned on the second and third generation, on the cartridges of the RangesBoy original that they turned on Color, or on games GameCube still compatible with Wii. The backward compatibility Overall, as my passionate PC gaming friend is pointing to, it is one of the best features a gamer might want, but the current gaming market for consoles is quite different: most publishers prefer to commission remastered versions or even real remakes of the most successful titles rather than making the original versions compatible (with the Microsoft and titles 360 which, little by little, become compatible with Xbox One). Not always such commercial transactions are rewarding: I personally prefer one remake total and faithful to the original, like the great trilogy of Crash Bandicoot to PS4, rather than simple remastered versions of HD as the recently announced Okami, also returning to this generation of consoles. Of course, the costs for these nostalgic operations are quite different, but there is also to be said that a total remake, made with the latest generation technology, is able to raise significantly more hype than the "still-remaster" of which nowadays players want to hear more talk. There is a third case, that of the reboot, capable of leading to success in falling series, but far more dangerous for the most famous franchises. Raising a saga by narring its origins in a different way does not always prove to be a winning move, as well as renewing the brand by shaking it completely. The most striking example is the DmC di Ninja Theory that although the card is a great action game with all the critiques, it was not welcomed by the audience because of such a heavy detachment from the Dante and the atmospheres of the original quadrilogy developed by CAPCOM.

And indeed all the wrongs do not have them good Katsuragi, though a bit we hate him for being a consolefag, but let's see what he thinks Joseph "Siral" De Luca:

Joseph "Siral" De Luca

The phenomenon of "Reboot / Remake / Remastered"It is not a novelty in the video gaming world, but indeed, it originates in other fields such as cinema or music (indeed, perhaps even more so than in the video game industry, it is the" seventh art "to abuse it at the moment). That said I find this practice not wrong but to use with caution.
As for the "Remastered" it is true that there are games that maybe deserve the reproposition to today's day with the new technical skills (I'm still waiting for Moonstone from the time of Amiga !!), but you have to justify this "upgrade". See me a game released in the 2014 reproposed as remastered just to upgrade it to the new console (to not allow retrocompatibility) it seems to me a grip for the beautiful and good fonds.
For the Reboot / Remake issue I would go even more with lead feet. If Remastered gives us the experience of the original game, updated to our day in terms of graphics / audio, reboot and remake, instead have the problem of going to affect the very structure of the game and risk ruining the title. From this point of view, SH takes the risk of burning the name of the game and trying to do something new, when there is no demand (if you have not yet understood it, I have a fucking fear that the change from RPG to Action Shifts Final Fantasy VII make me hate one of the games I've loved since I took a computer / console in my hand).
In conclusion, everything is fine, just enough to improve the quality of the product and not get worse, because the consumer / player makes you pay.

And not the opposite, I would dare say, dear Siral dear words, but we pass the line to the best Vincenzo "Yoshisaur" Marino:

Vincenzo "Yoshisaur" Marino

Personally I have never been remake or remastered for a simple reason: in addition to the fainting façade of "wanting to play the successful game for a new audience", the reason behind the arrival of these titles is clearly the easy economic return. They are games that, most of all, not only do not require a large budget outlay, but are also made by secondary house software. In this way, the main house software, quite simply, takes its good share of money that will then go into a new and more ambitious project, a project that is not even taken away valuable time, as many believe, for the talk of above. So, they are well remake and remastered when you're on the horizon with new and subsidized titles. If you have already had the opportunity to enjoy the proposed game, the issue is resolved quickly - just do not buy it.

Interesting point of view of Yoshisaur though in clear antithesis compared to the previous ones. Let's give the word to Damiano "Xenom" Pauciullo that I'm sure you can enchant us with his papyrus:

Damiano "Xenom" Pauciullo

I often hear "this will be remembered as the generation of remastered"But is it really a blame and something negative? I do not think there is an absolute answer and individual cases should be analyzed. I personally feel right, generalizing, to say that some titles have to be replicated when they deserve to be re-exploited using new technologies or to discover certain masterpieces to new generations, but unfortunately this has not always been so and we often had porting, remake or remastered for commercial purposes only. Why not ever play a game that fully exploits a console at the end of a lifetime, to make it go out in a "remastered" version at the beginning of the next gen life cycle (someone said The Last of Us?)? These are the operations that look badly on the various remakes and remastered, but I think it's wrong to condemn a priori. Technology advances fast and goes back to playing a deserved game more than ten years after its release, today it highlights how the difference even with lesser current productions is clear: it is right then, if the work done it is a chariot, to re-propose old pearls that can arouse the enthusiasm of the fans just for the name that a game brings (and here comes to mind a marsupiale of Sony). But can a line-up be made up of many remakes and remastered in spite of really new and original titles? It is here that the initial sentence, which is in my opinion condemned in a sense, takes on more form and truthfulness: in recent years there have certainly been no masterpieces or great titles to remember in the annals of video games, but the proportion of new and remastered titles is little in favor of the former; no numbers in the hand are clear, but I can see in memory that there are so many, too many games that have made their story and deserve to stay there, in our corner of the heart, without disturbing the "new graphics". Because yes, in almost all cases these remastered are limited to graphics alone, leaving the same gameplay of decades before, the same physical and the same atmosphere. They would like more remake operations, real-like or almost rebuilt games, which really re-produce old-fashioned modern sauce, as can be mentioned above Crash Bandicoot N'Sane Trilogy or the expected one Final Fantasy VII Remake that, let's talk about it, the old game will have only the plot and the characters (fortunately?).
Games put them in a hole waiting for fresh and original titles, and not remakes or (mostly) remastered that make up the actual softech of a console: there is no absolute evil, but it is how they are used and exploited these operations that determine whether the latter are commercial or "heartfelt": I hope in the future to see more and more games remastered from scratch or almost, who can win both the new moves that would ever play for an old game of twenty years, and those who actually played the original and want to experience the same emotions but through something different. The heated soup does not like anyone, but a dish ready, if well done, still gives a lot of satisfaction (provided it does not become a habit).

What to say, a great job for Xenom. What else can I add as poor Cosimo Maria "Lyse Acccessor" Lemma? Let's see what I'm pulling out of the cylinder:

Cosimo Maria "Lyse Acccessor" Lemma

What about this thorny issue, I've always seen remake, remaster and reboot like the three faces of the same medal (yes, I know it has two 'yours). The video game is art and as such it would in my opinion be left intact, I give you an example, you have the famous self-portrait of Van Gogh?

Self-portrait with gray felt hat - Van Gogh

When I saw him alive I had the goose's skin, this person, a genius unfinished, many years ago had been in front of that canvas painting, directly with tempera tubes, stretching angry brushstrokes. I had the impression of experiencing the same emotions. Here is what happens to me with video games, although I have so much appreciated the so famous Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy, I realized that the emotions were not the same. Do you want it to be for the time span between "the first time" and today, you want me to be because the little ones all look great, want the people who did the remake were not the same, but those brilliant brushstrokes did not succeed to warn them.

In my opinion it is a matter of atmosphere, texture, sounds. But will the new players tell me? Certainly they are growing in a different context from ours, it does not matter that to try a 1: 1 copy of the emotion we experienced in the past, they should have to do with the original work. We are therefore faced with the need to decontestualize at a temporal level a piece of art that, just like Van Gogh's picture, I think it should not have "temporal" limits. I am therefore opposed, despite the appreciation I have given to various titles remastered, rebuilt and rebooted, to this kind of playful substitute that we are propagating, as if I wanted to go screaming in front of their seats, give us back-compatibility, it's up to us, it's our right! Far from making me the hipster of the situation, but in the vast majority of cases, the pixelsons had that spell of magic, they left that little room for the fanciful imagination of a little boy, now occupied by an ultra-definition of fuck.