Do you know when you go to grandparents, maybe for lunch, and often your grandmother, with a clever handshake, extends those 10, 20 or 50 Euros? Imagine now that you do it with $ 15.000! Today Blizzard is one of the richest and most powerful video game companies in the world with a multitude of published titles and millions of fans who buy products and fill their boxes year after year. Not many people know, however, that the birth of society is an unlikely element: the founder's grandmother.

Mike Morhaime he wanted to open the company in the 1994 but, unfortunately, did not have enough funds to allocate and therefore asked for help to his maternal grandmother, Mildred Miller, who lent him the necessary money, well 15.000 dollars.

"Each of the founders had to put 10.000 dollars. I asked my grandmother to borrow 15.000 for my parents. He never charged me any interest, it was a small detail on his part, so we opened the doors before we had done something. "

To repay the loan, Mike had to pay her 100 dollars a month, and her grandmother always declared herself proud of her grandson's work. Thank you all, it is also thanks to you if we can enjoy great masterpieces today.