During the last Direct aired a few days ago, Nintendo announced the arrival of two major third-party titles, more specifically of Bethesda: Wolfenstein 2 and the much appreciated DOOM, undisputed shooters. The doubts about this landing on Switch they immediately spread on the web, with those who received the news well and those who believe the Japanese hybrid console is not powerful enough to make the experience satisfying.

At this point the same software house intervened, stating that DOOM for Switch will not be an 1 port: 1 of the versions already available on the market, but a version developed specifically on the console hardware:

DOOM on Switch is a version developed on the Nintendo console hardware and the graphic is not an 1: 1 port of the other platforms, the game is developed on Switch and graphically it will be wonderful, with all the typical atmosphere of the game; fans will be thrilled with the result.

At the moment we can not give a definitive judgment, but from the first images it really seems to be the version for DOOM have the same graphic potentials as other versions; we'll see how Bethesda has developed his shooter optimally for the hybrid console Nintendo.