Who will ever be?

The game director of OverwatchJeff Kaplan, talked about the next hero of the game, calling it "very playable" but at the same time added, "It will not come out as soon as you can imagine." There are currently no other references to the new, mysterious character, simply called by Kaplan Hero 26 during an interview with IGN.

Here are his words:

"Hero 26 is very playable and fun, and that's all I'll say. It will not come out as soon as you can imagine [...] but Hero 26 is already incredible. "

He later explained the thought of Blizzard on adding new characters:

"I do not think there are too many heroes, but I also think we have to go out with new heroes with a good cadence."

In addition to the new hero, Kaplan also had the opportunity to talk about the future of the Overwatch universe and its potential:

"I think we can start thinking about how Overwatch can express themselves in other ways that go beyond the classic 6v6 shooter we know today. "