Welcome to the corner of 'Accattino Dear friends sparagnosauri, today I bring you a nice one giochillo horror not too old compared to the usual phonebook.

Without losing too many preamble it is about Outlast Deluxe Edition FREE (Deluxe because inside we will have DLC too Whistleblower) For Steam, a very recent game and that has been a good success despite a plot originally a bit banalotta.

The game is a survival horror, we can only run away without defending ourselves, we will only be equipped with a night vision camera and good battery life that will often run out by adding a touch of ducks e anxiety huge.

Hey, you! Hello!

The setting is fantastic and takes place in an asylum where human experiments are being made, and we are good journalists going to investigate. THE'atmosphere is the battle horse of this title in my opinion fantastic. A must have, despite a non-top polygonal modeling. Nevertheless Outlast offers extreme playability and audio from "fear"

Here is the MAGIC LINK LUCK, enjoy this game to my health, spread my verb and the next Accattinata!

Thank you dear friend GregL for timely reporting, this time,Accattino second came.