When one reads Razer Think of fantastic gaming peripherals, like its fabulous keyboards and mice.

And in fact, as it may seem to be a completely disconnected product, actually Razer has decided to enter the smartphone market by the end of the year.

After a brief period of study of the smartphone market, but above all of that of mobile gaming, the company decided to take the big step but in reality it was already for some time that this possibility, that is since the Razer he has a purchase Nexbit, smartphones born on a kickstarter with the peculiarity of being the first to use it automatically in its operating system Android, a data rescue system directly on Cloud (with an 100gb storage), in addition to the basic 32 gb available on the phone (not expandable with an external SD).

Here is the Nexbit, Razer will start from this model?

Obviously the smartphone branded Razer it will be a device especially dedicated to gaming and, seeing how good it has already been in the field of classic peripherals, we expect to have a product of a certain level (maybe free from all the bloatware that is pre-installed in many other OS devices Android and therefore optimized both as internal space and as battery consumption and performance).

At the moment there are no specs or pictures to comment on, but how do we bet that the dominant colors will be black and green, maybe with many backlit lights?