Mario returns to racing and we won't have to wait for the 27 October with the release of Odyssey on Nintendo Switch; the September 29th will be released a new update for Super Mario Run on mobile devices iOS e Android which, hopefully, can bring back the desire to play all those who have paid well 10 euros at his exit.

The update will add Daisy to the available characters which will then come to seven (excluding Yoshi color variations), we will have one new world called World Star with nine new levels, new enemies and unprecedented game mechanisms. Besides that, there will also be one new mode called Remix 10, which will randomly play some sections of existing levels:

Remix 10 is a new frenetic mode in which you play a set of 10 sections of existing Super Mario Run levels in rapid succession. The stages are remixed with each attempt, and with the rainbow colored bonus medals scattered throughout these small stadiums, there is a new challenge every time.
Remix 10 will give players the chance to collect new items to decorate their Kingdom of Mushrooms.

There will also be the you can hear your own music during the game and in this case, Mario and the other characters will wear headphones; to finish Super Mario Run, from September 29 to October 12 will come proposed at half the price, which makes it definitely much more appealing after the malumors of the cost considered too high.