Steam, the largest platform for selling games in digital format available on PC, has returned to the attention of the news for its action, quite necessary. Managers have in fact removed over 170 spam games from the database.

It has been eliminated exactly by 173, most of which are made by Silicon Echo Studio. The titles are no longer available for sale, but the owners of these games can still play them. According to Polygon, Silicon Echo and Zonitron Productions are controlled by the same company and were made for the sole purpose of commercialize e Speculare on the system of buying and selling carte di Steam. The titles were all published in just two months.

Valve then terminated any relationship with these subjects, and stated the following:

We have full-time team tracking reports and identified a problem that led to the removal of some titles from several Steamworks accounts. These accounts were targeted by many reports and frustrations by customers and other developers. It turns out that the bad guys were all the same person who operated under different profiles. TOwe have found a set of extreme actions by this person that has adversely affected the functionality of the shop and our tools. For example, this person carried out mass shipments of almost identical Steam products that affected the shop's functionality and made it harder for gamblers to find fun games to play. This developer was also abusing Steam keys.