How many years have passed since, for the first time, we put our hands on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on never too beloved Nintendo64; the myth of "best game of the saga"Continues today, so that there are those who are committed to dedicating him a Carthusian work that depicts some of the most important maps in the isometric version.

You are warned: if you had been excited by the greatness of those places, by the magic of walking miles and miles on Epona's saddle, thinking of traveling for an immense world, these images will drop your every conviction; it is clear how the weather technology was limited and seeing for the first time a freely explore world in 3D in a chapter of The Legend of Zelda (and accompanying the childhood age) has amplified things, but certainly these maps will not be to change our opinion on one of the best video games ever.

Hyrule plain

Hyrule Castle

Kingdom of the Zora

Goron City

Kakariko Village

Lost Woods

Interior of the Deku Tree

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