Gran Turismo Sport FREE. No stops, it's not the usual one Accattinata, this time we talk about a demo pre release that you will have the chance to play from 9/10/2017 up to 12/10/2017 under 15: 00 GMT + 1.

No wonder if you can not preview the brand new Gran Turismo Sport, one of the milestones of racing games, developed by Poliphony Digital.

Do not miss this demo for two simple reasons: you can say at least to have tried the famous GT Sport and if you were going to buy it you can keep what you've unlocked in demo including money (with a limit of 1 million).

I take the opportunity to remind everyone release official fixed for the 18 October of this year. The users PS Plus have the opportunity to continue playing for a few hours to the demo and to perform the preload.

In this new GT Sport you will have the opportunity to try with different degrees of difficulty, the efforts of Poliphony in fact they directed towards a greater usability of the title even for newcomers. So that you are old boots set by 20 years with the series or first-time youngsters you can definitely enjoy it! (Also thanks finally to a system of matchmaking to them worthy of that name.)

Interesting new features include photo panorama mode and livree editor.

We report directly from the official blog the new modes with their own characteristics.

modality Sport: the drivers will have to prove their skills by recording their best lap time. At the end of each qualifying session, 24 similarly performing drivers will battle it out on the track. This will ensure the competitiveness and balance of each race.

modality Countryside: Enables you to improve your driving skills through numerous challenges, missions and experiences on the circuit. Each of these modes plays a key role in preparing the rider for online contests against other players. By completing various daily tests and training, you will be rewarded with the unlock of numerous vehicles, gambling currency and experience points that will improve your pilot profile and personal garage.

Those who simply want to get behind the wheel and drive can choose from tons of vehicle classes and race across three predefined circuit and terrain configurations in the mode Arcade. Here you can run as you like, aiming at the Northern Isle high-speed oval, refining your technique on the Dragon Path or cutting the curves in the rally. To guide you to the ideal conditions, you can choose from a wide range of driving assistance options, such as braking and steering. You can also compete offline against a friend in classic two-player shared screen mode.