Phil Spencer, boss of Xbox, has been recently interviewed by Wired on the release of the new Xbox One X. Speaking of the console, he focused on remembering one of the values ​​that since the Xbox 360 has guided the Microsoft consoles: the importance of backward compatibility. If we analyze some data, we can not but agree: about half of the Xbox games and 400 360 titles are playable directly on the One.
Of Spontaneous Thinking Spencer has given him so much. Let's start with the most salient phrases.

"Games are an art form that can be lost with hardware advancement. As a player, it would be interesting to understand how our art form has progressed. " 

"The new hardware does not need to invalidate the software work we've created. In past generations, there has been manipulation to stop backward compatibility so as to force anyone to buy the new one. The content should be the thing that drives our industry. I want to make the content central for as long as possible. " 

Comparing video games with an art form could be trivial (even if it is deeply correct). Spencer however is not limited to this and makes a notable contribution to the question: as an art form, video games deserve to be studied. 
The second part, in addition to holding clear arrows, completely overturns the common conception of the gaming world, so that it is at the center of the whole video game. The content, as he calls it.
Making standard the concept that gaming can last and running forever is perhaps one of the greatest steps that the gaming world can accomplish. Time will tell.