It lacks less than a month at the end of its majesty Super Mario Odyssey and one thing that was immediately noticed, maybe thinking it was just tied to non-definitive builds, is the lack of lives and hence consequently the Game Over. Apparently the new Mario game for Nintendo Switch it will be just like this: we will never see the finished play writing and not because the title is easy, but because simply there is no Game Over.

Super Mario Odyssey

To explain the reasons for this choice was the same director Kenta Motokura to the microphones of Game Informer, stating that in a sandbox platform like Super Mario Odyssey, difficult but still thought of for everyone, having the lives and the Game Over would have been useless for some and frustrating for others:

We figured how a screw system would work in this kind of ambitious and exploratory game. In this type of game, there would be many different reboots. We decided not to use the life system because it was not an absolutely necessary element. We also thought it would affect the desire of some users to play because, while good users will rarely see the movie that appears when Mario exhausts lives, inexperienced users will probably end up seeing it too frequently.

A well-motivated choice; how many of you have seen the Game Over in the recent Mario? This road had already been undertaken by Ubisoft with the recent Rayman and the thing applied to Super Mario Odyssey it does not have to surprise much then.