Often, the question posed by the modder to some ideas is simply "why not?" You can do virtually everything with the right knowledge, desire and curiosity and that's how it is Mario 64 it expands with two somewhat unusual content. Both titles in the series of The Legend of Zelda published on Nintendo 64, Ocarina of Time e Majora's Mask, have been pushed into force within the title of the whip plumber.

SKELUX is a developer who loves creating new environments, objects and even real classical game tools. A good day then decided to take the models of the two titles of Zelda and make it something new. Here is Ocarina of Time:


E Majora's Mask:

If not already impressive enough, SKELUX has promised the internet to try and do the same with Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild. Well, good luck!