epic Games has made a long series of changes and improvements to theU to meet the requirements of the modes Battle Royale, for now so fashionable.

One of the reasons it has pushed in that direction is right Fortnite, who recently launched his free Battle Royale mode. When Epic Games started working on this mode, it succeeded in finding many parts of the engine to improve. Updates relate mainly to server performance, object rendering, and more.

The game is also very light on low performance machines.

To begin with, i dedicated servers should now better support the large number of players and reduce command input lag. Similar titles also tend to have very large maps and Epic worked on his detail system to allow one greater viewing distance without sacrificing performance. This is especially important for the console market, where memory is more limited than PCs.

Some changes will already be present in the 4.18 version of the Unreal Engine 4, while for others we will have to wait for the 4.19. CLICK HERE to be redirected to paginad download to download Fortnite!