Middle-earth: The Shadow of War is just the last of a long list of games to enjoy the Denuvo protection and is also the last title whose protection was easily plucked.

This anti-piracy system is not completely useless yet. For example, there are games published for months and not yet cracked like Fifa. In fact, the protection is different for any video game to which it is applied but at the same time there are extreme cases just like the latter, in which Denuvo has been overtaken in a single day.

The news comes from the portal DSO Gaming and this means that the very first crack of the game will begin to circulate in the wake of other titles protected by this system like Total War: Warhammer 2 or Sonic Mania.

The idea behind Denuvo is not to totally eliminate piracy but to prevent it in the first days of publication, the most crucial in absolute terms but if it already begins to fail in this, too, it is likely to be completely revised.