The last article on Wolfenstein II summoned a lot of imbeciles who did not hesitate a second to answer "present" to the appeal of dementia. The discomfort reached in the comments was superb, so here we are again here. Today we will talk about new ways, well 9, with which you can cool a Nazi in the new Wolfenstein. Let's begin.

New dual weapon mode

In the new chapter,  Blazkowicz he will be able to handle two weapons simultaneously, but this time they will not necessarily have identical weapons. Pompon and machine guns, for example.

Wolfenstein II

More and more stealthy

The Constructor will allow you to drastically decrease the size of your body, allowing you to pass through smaller slits. Are you ready to use it at best? Stay undetected.

Wolfenstein II

Let me break into a thousand pieces ...

With Dieselkraftwerk you can finally give the right one to a Nazi: make it literally disappear from the visible world. This jewel shoots fuel globes ready to blow up anything. Boom!

Wolfenstein II

or polverize them.

With the "recycled" Laserkraftwerk (definitely enhanced) you can immediately cremate many of those little friends. The choices you make in the game will lead you to either use the Dieselkraftwerk or the Laserkraftwerk. The result does not change.

Wolfenstein II

Accept her friendship

"You can do so many things with a man and a Nazi" It's time to find out all these things. If a Nazi, for example, tries to make a nice ... make it to pieces with brand new acceptance (not those of social centers).

Wolfenstein II

Accept it for what it is ... but at a proper distance

If you do not want to find yourself in the blood of a Nazi on clothes, you can also deliver yours away from security distance.

Wolfenstein II

Go body.

Finally, you can use all of Blazkowicz's physical size. With the new “Aries” mode, you'll be able to incredibly boost your speed to the point of destroying obstacles and, of course, friendly Nazis.
The mode it would use for anyone who uses the meter when attempting to snap shortly before closing doors finds himself in front of the imbecile in the middle of the entrance to complicate everything.

Wolfenstein II

Like God ..

from above! By good angels of peace, you will accomplish your duty by using the brand new Bipode, a pair of mechanical stubs that will allow you to rise to heaven to preach love but above all justice.

Wolfenstein II

The counterattack.

Continuing the quotes in "religious", you are now about to burn your beloved Nazi using their own weapons. In Wolfenstein II you can ride the infamous Panzerhund to end its own creators with their own inhumane, inhumane methods.

Wolfenstein II

We understand that in Wolfenstein II the methods for killing the enemies of humanity will be many. The concept is thus clear: no matter how you intend to do so. The important thing is to kill them, those damn Nazis. Not only. Someone said: "Hit one to educate a hundred". However, I believe that the guys from MachineGames (game developers, ed) are more inclined towards a solution like: "Hit them all so as not to educate anyone". And that's fine with us. 



Source Eurogamer