The weapons were already ready, our good intentions of conquest were the stars, but everything will have to be postponed to 2018: developers of Age of Empire Definitive Edition have announced, just three days after the release of the game, that the title is not yet ready for a public release and that we will have to wait for the first months of next year, as announced on Official site.

There is good news, though October 19 thousands of users will be invited to the closed beta of Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, so you can get a great deal of feedback so you can maximize your gaming, balancing the online component, improving the lobby system, and refining the campaign.

Age of Empire

Age of Empires Definitive Edition, as well as intuition from the title, is not a completely new game, but a full version of Age of Empire that includes the Rise of Rome expansion, with a lot of graphic improvements: we have the 4K, completely redesigned sprites and a modernized soundtrack. Also the gameplay has undergone minor changes, such as raising the population limit to allow even more spectacular battles, some changes to the graphical interface, and increased zoom.