We are in late October and the end of the month, like every year, will dive us into the most scary party of the year; also Niantic takes the opportunity to re-ignite the trainer's flame in each of us by organizing a theme event for Pokémon GO, but there seems to be something more.

According to some date mine made on the last updated version of the game for iOS e Android, the long-awaited third generation would seem to be coming soon, despite the software house has not yet mentioned the thing. In the initial loading screen that changes depending on the event in progress or after a major update, we can see how in addition to the first and second generation "Spectral" themed Pokémon, we also Duskull, Dusclops, Shuppet, Banette e Sableye, creatures introduced in the third generation.

Pokémon GO

Of course there is not yet nothing official, but the references found in the game code strings, in addition to the background you can see above, remove almost any doubt about the actual introduction of new creatures in Pokémon GO with the beginning of the Halloween event.