Do you know when you are inside a dungeon, taken from the battle, and start thinking, "Hey, would this game be much better if only I had the chance to create a romantic, deep and lasting connection with my sword?" answer is "yes" then Boyfriend Dungeon it is your case.

The title is developed by Kitfox Games - the Shattered Planet creator - and aims to offer a unique blend of dungeon crawler (with both dungeons generated procedurally and various fighting styles) and dating sim.

So, in combat, you can also try to conquer the humanized version of your weapon. Really.

Kitfox defined this genre as "shack-and-slash" and published the first trailer. At the moment nothing is known yet but the video above offers a good idea of ​​the title. Additionally, though simply titled Boyfriend Dungeon, it will also be possible to have sex with women. The title is for 2019.