Today, at TwitchCon, a trio of developers of Bungie held a conference on the future of Destiny 2 and new information was shared about the system of the "seasons" of the game.

Here's how it works:

There will be four seasons in the first year of Destiny 2. Obviously, at the moment, we are in the first season. They did not say exactly when the 2 season will begin, but there will be at least another iron blade before then, and will have place after the PC version will be released next week, after which that version will be in line with those consoles. Seasons will resume the Clan's progress, so everyone will start from scratch, so that too new clans can keep up with the more consolidated and high-level ones. The benefits of clan leveling will change depending on what the season will look like. For example, the first season focused on the Cabal.

The season changes will be the periods in which Bungie will make the biggest changes to weapon balance and will also introduce new content. In short, a real change in metagame. In the 2 season, new decorative objects will also be added obtainable from various tests and banners. To unlock an ornament you will have to complete a sort of challenge. Weapons will change from season to season. Perks can also be modified to make them more diverse and make everything more varied. Microstructure-based engrams will be modified. Determined objects decorative can only be obtained during the season except the shader, which remain the same from season to season and will be increasingly enriched over time.