Ultrasole Pokémon e Pokémon Ultraluna will have their bad guys in turn, as they are tradition for the series, and these have long been shown by the first trailers of the new chapters coming on Nintendo 3DS the 17 November.

But this time, apparently, we will have to face it with our old knowledge, which we learned to hate and love in the first two generations of Pokémon and in the animated series: the famous Team Rocket is ready to bring chaos to Alola too. The discovery was made by looking at the images printed on the back of Japanese prepaid cards for downloading the two games, where we can see some members of the first criminal group that we dealt with in our career as Pokémon coaches.

We do not know how much the Team Rocket it will be important for the plot and if we see old knowledge as John, but surely it will please reap those who, when we were younger, tried to put the sticks in the wheels (failing miserably).