With great sorrow for all lovers of the saga, in March 2016 Microsoft he closed the English Lionhead Studios and with it inevitably interrupted the development of Fable Legends. In fact the series did not disappear altogether, as a few months ago it was released Fable Fortune, a collectible card game that was handled by an external Microsoft-supervised study, which holds IP rights.

As far as I'm happy to play this title, fans are certainly not satisfied and would like to see a real new Fable: in this regard, Shannon Loftis, the division leader who deals with publishing the first party titles on Xbox, during an interview Gamespot on Pax Aus:

I'm really fond of Fable so much that one of the reasons for moving to England was really the chance to work with the Fable II team. At the moment Fable Fortune is available, card game; we love IP, but I can not say anything about it, whether we're working on something or not, but I'd love to go back to Albion.

No word that can confirm something, if not the intention to not let the franchise die, but to leave it to "rest", a bit like done by EA with Mass Effect. A wise move? Only time can tell us; in the meantime we can only keep hoping for a new one Fable and replenish what it could be Legends.