The golden age continues Nintendo: after i sales numbers of the hybrid console here is that even the world's most famous hydraulic (ex) plumber proudly displays its numbers, both on Nintendo Switch that of mobile devices.

Super Mario Odyssey, in fact, just three days after leaving the stores sold well 2 million copies, also overcoming The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at launch; a huge success that will surely continue to grow with the arrival of the Black Friday and especially Christmas holidays.

Super Mario

Also Super Mario Run you are taking a small rematch: after a period of sharp decline, the recent 3.0 upgrade. which has introduced several new features (first of all, the new Remix 10 mode), has given new controversial lymph to the game for devices iOS e Android, which has reached i 200 millions of downloads on united stores. It should be said that the total number does not even reflect purchasing (the game can only be downloaded for free as a demo version), but the surge of downloads for the last period is definitely a good news for Nintendo.

The arrival of other major titles like Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Skyrim, DOOM e Sonic Forces su Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp su mobile devices will make this 2017 end of Nintendo even richer.