Path of Exile Is a great one Action RPG to PC e Xbox One, and for fans of Diablo 2, left, like me, disappointed Diablo 3, it was a great break, considering also that it is a Free-To-Play.

One of the main features of Path of Exile is its economy, where there is no classic coin like the gold that can be found in other games, but simply is in vogue a barter system where even the simplest of items has a value in both use and trade.

There is no premium currency or an action house, but only the direct exchange between player and player.

The problem that this system always has to turn to third-party programs or sites to work best, but this week developers of Grinding Gear Games have decided to launch their site to handle the game's trade.


Path of Exile Trading

In fact, after insistent requests from players, Grinding Gear Games has decided to implement their interface, which can be used directly from the official site, leaving any site standing by the users anyway. The interface is well done, especially if the seller is offline, AFK or offline, considering that the final exchange should always be done in the face-to-face game.

But for players who want to continue to do without the trading system we remember that in the expansion "Fall of Oriath"The"Only Self-Found"Where players can not play in a party or swap with other players and rank in specific leaderboards thanks to their own efforts, making the challenge very interesting, having to rely only on their own strength (in addition to their own fortune and desire / time to grind) .

For anyone who has never tried Path of Exile and loving games at Diablo I can only recommend it strongly, always remembering it is a game completely Free-To-Play.