There are so many games that fans are waiting for Square Enix, one of them definitely the mythological Kingdom Hearts III which, in any case, should not be so far away. We have then Final Fantasy VII Remake and the still unknown Project Octopath Travelers for Nintendo Switch; apparently, however, the software house has yet to be developed, since considers the 2018 an important and rich year of "bomb" games, some of which will be shown at E3.

Takashi Mochizuki, technical reporter of the Wall Street Journal, in fact stated that during the second quarter briefing the software house expressed its intentions to have an 2018 "powerful" and full of "well-made" games, some of which are not yet announced and will be unveiled during the next E3.

The time has finally come Kingdom Hearts III e Final Fantasy VII Remake? We just have to wait for information directly from Square Enix, hoping for an 2018 really rich in games not only in quantity but also and above all in quality.