When we talk about Electronic Arts, one of the first things that comes to my mind is the section EA Sports and all the exits that come out every year as punctual as the taxes on our consoles.

Just think that only 2017 has come out well 4 titles: FIFA 18, NHL 18, NBA Live 18 e Madden NFL 18.

But apparently this system is in question and is the same CEO of Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilson, to announce plans for the future.

Electronic Arts CEO
Do not worry, we will pay you little money at a time every month

In fact, Wilson has argued that one day the goal will be to provide live services to support titles like Madden e FIFA, rather than launching a new title every year.

In some markets this system is already active, such as Korean and Chinese, where Electronic Arts he prefers playing games like FIFA with regular updates and then prepare a title launch ex-novo every 4 years more or less (in time for the worlds practically!).

Obviously, taking the conscience will not affect the portfolios of Electronic Arts which will surely provide these live pay services, practically ensuring the company's constant flows every month, in addition to those provided by microtransformations.

Interesting would be to understand if the service they have in mind is global on all products Electronic Arts or they will be specific to each title (and from bad thinking I'm afraid there might be a choice for this second option).

Wilson also said that the company is considering switching to a monthly subscription model in the mobile market, as large companies like Netflix, Spotify and company have shown the profitability of that system.

And we know very well that where there is profit, Electronics Arts you never pull back!

Electronic Arts Gag
This gag is always fashionable