Since World and World Board Game, also known as table games by the most profane, have always contributed, in addition to the fun of many generations, to the destruction of friendships and social relationships, and Monopoly, which we know to be a master in this, is the flag door.

Despite the initial difficulty in loading the main menu and the first game, then resumed with a mere forced reboot of the console, the game proves to be welcoming and with music that, although repetitive, play very hot and sparkling. The first matches will surely leave you a little scared, not so much for the new introductions at the level gameplay (which we will address shortly) as for commands and a 'interface not really immediate, but do not be afraid, in the course of two games you will be already completely master of the game and probably also the board.

Interestingly, the various modes with additions such as action cards and a new, at least for the undersigned, set of rules customizable and scalable to your liking too, to influence the length of the game. The decision to leave the chance to play with the old board, a little less than to take away the fiasco, candle, pear and indefinite bad mark that no one ever wanted. But we have a system of achievement which will allow us to unlock new counters by achieving certain factors within the games.

Ah, the new emperor of the markers is the duckie and we do not want to hear any reason.

The first match I made was against bots with bizarre names like Seraphina e Kevina with artificial intelligence from the difficulty selectable in 5 levels. At normal difficulty I was planed and disintegrated. The second game, however, took place against the girlfriend, and the game was suitable for a perfect romantic evening with herbal tea, cover, sofa and all her hate poured against me when I used the action card "Swap Money" by swapping our balances, taking its 1000M, spending it all in one turn to leave it without the beak of a pot. I seriously risk becoming single.

So we have action cards that promise a lot of pepper inside the games even if not really inspired and / or original. For those who are still wondering, yes you will have the opportunity to bargain and make the classics "maghribs and alliances", Causing relational cataclysms of such generous size that alone One could compete. And maybe Risiko.

It is very nice to choose from several tables in the new version (I was also very confused by the change of colors compared to the physical version of Monopoli still in Lire inside the closet) between normal city, infested etc. A little less beautiful framerate certainly not granitic and a little too low for this type of game, in short, the dancer fps we could wait for it from Breath of the Wild, but certainly not from Monopoly.

In the face of a very little choreographic optimization work by Ubisoft, Monopoly confirms the table game par excellence that brings together young and old fun. We can also, even in portability, despite the best experience of an 55 "surely you will never be in tablet mode, play by passing the pad or configure more JoyCon detached.

Definitely I think the retail price too high for a product so little finished, but we are confident in future updates to solve the issues mentioned above. For 40 € I would rather buy the table version and not the video game. Different might be the speech if the price droppasse around the 25 €. Although all these "but" always remains Monopoly, and as such fun and worthy of being played.