The world of Google Play, the digital store of Android, is a veritable mine of clone titles. At the moment, without a shadow of a doubt, the most famous game in circulation is PLAYERUNKNOW'S BATTLEGROUND, along with Fortnite. Both titles have indeed exceeded 20 million users.

A kind of universal law requires that any fairly popular game will generally have clones. It doesn't matter if the original is a mobile game or not, if it's quite famous, its Chinese counterpart with dubious quality will exist on the Play Store.

But today we are faced with apotheosis, to perfection. Today, 2017, we are fortunate in being able to admire and play for a title like Player Unknown Fortnite Battlegrounds Royal pub, created by the famous studio MRT Games - 3D Online Game Studio.

The title, from what is written in the description, seems to be a disappearance online but I have not downloaded it (nor am I going to do it). If you proceed with the download, do it at your own risk.