Classics + Free = Grassici. How nice are you?

Welcome back sparagnosauri in the corner of 'Accattino. Few preamble, indeed little everything, I'm around and I have no way of writing the usual cute article with more or less detailed hints of the game in question.

Today we talk about Siberia, a great classic, indeed no, grassico, of point and click. A graphic adventure "Modern"Certainly not to be missed, if not among the best in my opinion ever made. Without wasting time, I will shoot the cover of the game just to give you an idea of ​​the setting and basically the usual magical link Accattino.

But I would feel guilty not to give you even the smallest insect on the plot level.

In this adventure you will go to the role of Kate Walker, a young and promising female lawyer who will be in charge of completing the purchase negotiation of an automaton factory. To complete the procedure there will be only the signature of the legitimate heir that you will discover dead on the day of your arrival and ... Nothing, he takes it and plays it because it is worth seriously.

Here is the MAGIC LINK LUCK you only have 24h to redeem him from GOG and do it forever.

Remember to spread your verb Accattino, the more we are and the more we shoot.