Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take-Two interactive, has revealed to its investors that all future company games will have "recurring consumer spending opportunities," so the upcoming titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2, WWE 2K and Borderlands 3 will have microtransmissions, even if questions like Civilization or XCOM remain doubtful.

In the case of Borderlands, it is unclear how microtransmissions can be implemented, as the past titles were co-operative rather than competitive, and microtransmissions are common in the latter. That being said, the loot is common in Borderlands, so it is possible that in the next chapter microtransmissions may take place via loot boxes. Let me emphasize that Borderlands 3 itself is not yet certain - loot boxes, on the contrary, have become common among high budget games.

Even in the absence of officiality, Borderlands 3 remains on top of Gearbox's workbook, and with PlayStation Experience and Game Awards in sight, an ad could be around the corner. We will know that some form of microtransformation will be - we'll see if Take-Two will reveal the details of the announcement, or if it will postpone the inevitable controversy to a date that is closer to the launch.