A few days ago, Electronics Arts completed the acquisition of Respawn, Titanfall developers. On paper this seems good news, but dev fans feared that Respawn would follow the same, sad track of Visceral Games, which closed the doors recently. So the words of Vince Zampella, Respawn Entertainment CEO, come as a relief, who is not worried about the possibility.

In an interview a Venture Beat, conducted with EA's new boss Patrick Soderlund, Zampella said that Respawn is not in the same situation as Visceral Games, and that the company will benefit from the acquisition of EA. He added that the development of the new Titanfall will not slow down, but we will see more EA footprint in the next chapters of the series, mainly in online services. There is a lot of other juicy stuff in the interview, including an uncomfortable jarring on the relationship between EA and VR, where they will be essentially involved with Respawn now. You can read more here.

The concern of the fans remains understandable: EA's kill list is quite remarkable, with studios like BioWare Montreal, Pandemic Studios and Bullfrog Productions among the excellent victims. That said, the investment of EA is really huge: we are talking about over 400 million dollars, over two million for every employee of Respawn. And if Titanfall 2 has been a great sequel to the already acclaimed debut title, it is undeniable that as part of EA, the devs will have access to many more tools for developing the third chapter.