Sonic Forces has been available for a few days and the reception was quite warm, and we all know why. It has nothing to do with it discrete title quality, nor the fact that a few days before his majesty came out Super Mario Odyssey: The real reason is that the protagonist would have been Sanic.

SEGA he knows it and he wants to run to the patches, in part: with the update of the day one, in fact, the software house has inserted some clothing for the avatars which depicts just the hero born "by mistake" by Paint, although it is not yet unlockable and was spotted between the lines of the game code.

In addition to Sanic, it has also been found Super Sonic in playable form, which was actually declared by SEGA in the changelog but which in practice is not yet present in the game. Probably Sonic Forces in the future will be updated again and will allow you to put your hands on Super Sonic, but what the real fans really want is the only and inimitable Sanic.