The world of homebrew opens the doors of possibilities on a console, enabling applications that are more or less useful to users, but also the ability to play titles that are legally unprofitable. Nintendo Switch, being a new console, is not yet prey conquered by modders, but the team ReSwitched last month he said he was able to run the bootrom dump (the first element after booting drivers) from the Nintendo Switch's Tegra 210.

The news today is that one of the team's modders, Daeken, has announced be able to run the updated version of their PegaSwitch Toolkit on the 3.0.0 firmware of the Japanese Hybrid Console. This means that the ReSwitched have been able to perform the famous and appreciated Homebrew Launcher on Nintendo Switcheven though with some limitations.

homebrew launcher

As mentioned above, in fact, the lancher is only part of the old 3.0.0 firmware of the console exploiting a exploit that, being corrected by Nintendo, is no longer present on upgraded consoles. It then needs a console with the old firmware, accessible with Pokkén Tournament DX which includes the above version without any need for internet connection (which would update the console to the latest firmware).

It should be pointed out, however there is currently no homebrew you can start with the launcher, so this goal is currently considered "useless", even if the team behind the development of numerous emulators has already announced that they want to work on something for Nintendo Switch. So we will soon have the opportunity to take advantage of the console in ways much more useful than just videogaming? We just have to wait for news from the team ReSwitched and the creators of homebrew apps.