Since yesterday they are officially available in stores and eShop Nintendo 3DS the two new and latest chapters for the dual screen portable console, Ultrasole Pokémon e Pokémon Ultraluna; for the occasion Game Freak gives a Rockruff special to evolve in Lycanrocmaybe in his twilight form.

Doing so is really very simple, in fact you just need to select from the main menu before starting a game (but after having at least started one) the famous Secret Gift; once connected to the Internet you will get the tender Rockruff, available in any case until January 10. Once you download it you can get it by going to a Pokémon Center and talking to the postman that will give you the Pokémon: Rockruff in his move will have Rogodens in the case you're playing with Ultrasole, while he will Fully light in Ultraluna; in both cases will have as a bandana object.


But what we really want is the gorgeous Lycanroc in its new twilight form which can only be obtained thanks to the Rockruff "captured" by secret gift; To do this you will have to bring the 24 level to the basic form of the Pokémon, reaching 25 between 17.00 hours and 17.59 hours (a tip can be to save the game when Rockruff reaches the 24 level so you can go back in case something goes wrong).

A rare Pokémon needs a pinch of extra patience to be obtained, but we are sure for Rockruff in the twilight form all the process will adequately reward us.