EA's horrible week is not over. As we reported two days ago, in fact, the Belgian authorities have ongoing investigation into the "surprise" Loot Boxes system, examining the possibility that they are actually a gamble and therefore have to comply with relevant laws. Now their immediate neighbor, the Netherlands, seems to be on the point of joining the investigation.

According to a NU.nl, the Dutch game authority has loot boxes in the viewfinder, and wonders if it should fall under the online gambling categorization, which in the Netherlands is illegal (while gambling in a broader sense is practicable after obtaining specific licenses). The authority said it was still "at the research stage".

Of course EA refused the allegations, arguing that the Loot Boxes can not be considered as gambling because it is guaranteed that the player wins something, even though he does not know what. It's about a very weak defense and it is unlikely that he will be able to convince any government authority, and this is perhaps more of a chaos happened on Reddit could explain the Temporary withdrawal of microtransmissions from Battlefront II.