Spotlights are still all about EA and microtransmissions. French Senator Jérôme Durain he wrote a letter addressed to ARJEL, the French agency that monitors online betting. The letter is yet another chapter in the saga that began with controversy over to the loot boxes of Star Wars Battlefront II. At the moment, microtransmissions are suspended from the game, but they are a temporary interruption.

The situation remains evolving: after investigations have begun Holland and Belgium, France could be the next European Member State to take a stand on the dispute. Durain's letter (of which you can read a translation in English here ) explicitly quotes Battlefront II and expresses the “desirability of providing consumer protection in this area”. He also notes that other countries are monitoring the situation through their respective agencies, and that perhaps ARJEL should do the same.

Given the timing of these areas, it is unlikely that a solution will be around the corner. However, wagering on pay-to-win systems in games such as Battlefront II now seems a little forward-looking move. We will see if EA will prolong the suspension of micro-transactions or if they will make their return.