How many of you over the years have dreamed of a title in which Bayonetta e Dante Alighieri, respectively the protagonists of the series Bayonetta e devil may cry, they fight together with mortal combo fires against dozens of dozens of enemies? Surely you will not be alone, even because the same game director Hideki Kamiya expressed his will to see such a game.

But not just the two lethal fighters: Kamiya would also like a remake of devil may cry andViewtiful Joe, or even a real sequel to Okami, how can we read from his words released during a 'interview to Dengeki PlayStation where the director sends a message to his former colleagues of Capcom:

I want to work on a remake of Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe, or a true sequel to Okami. A cooperation with Dante (from Devil May Cry) and Bayonetta could also be fun. Dear Capcom, if there is anyone who has my own desires, I am ready to help you right away. My best regards.

Obviously Hideki Kamiya he just expressed his idea, so soon we will not see any of those games, but the desire is there and we hope it can be achieved, if possible, as soon as possible.