Two years after its release and release on XBox One, SOMA will be updated with one Safe-Mode which will make monsters harmless.

Many players preferred to add the Wuss mode, the most downloaded mod in the game, to make the experience less stressful. The mod in fact inhibited the enemies, allowing less skilled players to be able to enjoy the narrative of the game. Frictional Games, the studio behind SOMA, taking note of this has decided to release this update after a long reflection.

"I think players should be able to change the gaming experience as they please," said Thomas Grip, founder of the study and director of SOMA. "Monsters in the game are quite controversial and one might say that Wuss Mode is designed to correct this design flaw. If you think this way, I guess you could understand the mod as a criticism to me. I honestly did not feel it. I like when people take things in their own hands like this. "

"Fear and tension caused by encounters with enemies are fun to create a certain environment." He added. "The intent was to make the players feel in an uncomfortable world, and most of the themes of the game were based on this."

"Having released Safe-Mode after all this time I think it's okay because we had time to weigh the various aspects of the game to make it clear what kind of experience it should be. Now it's fairly clear that we can not conceive the monsters as we did with them Amnesia: The Dark Descent. "

The study then revised how monsters interact with the player: "We must imagine them as inhabitants of the environment and make their interactions with the player fit for the atmosphere and the story. I am surprised by the result. It is better suited to the game than I thought when we started working. In all honesty, I wonder now if this was not the way we should release the game. But I have not decided yet. "

Grip concluded with a few words about their upcoming projects: "I think the biggest problem with SOMA is that the experience of meeting creatures adds nothing to the topics dealt with. They help with the atmosphere, but the stories they create do not have much to do with the bigger themes of identity and conscience. The gameplay must create personal stories that reflect the narrative, and we want to be sure that this will be achieved in our next two games. "