The raids of Pokémon GO are one of the best elements of the game: a way to meet other coaches and capture ultra-rare Pokémon or, if you're a lone player, simply a way to get a great deal of XP and capture a Pokémon with high stats.

There is no doubt good news that raid premiums have been further improved. In a series of changes announced through the Niantic blog, the developer of Pokémon Go has listed some changes you like. For example, completing a raid will get you Golden Razz Berries. Additionally, the number of Potions and Revitalizing given to the Coaches will decrease, but the Potions Quality will be increased. The likelihood of getting increased has also been increased Technical Machines but only when you exceed the 3 or higher level raid. Finally, the Coaches will receive Star Dust by participating in a raid.

And are you still playing or stewed?