Creative Assembly is hunting for talents. The recruitment campaign aims to create a team that works on the next title in work by dev. We did not know what it is, except for two things: it will be ambitious, it will be multiplatform, and at the moment we are working on the team that created Alien: Isolation and Halo 2.

The ads have appeared in the section careers of the Creative Assembly site. The required roles are for a meta game designer, a lead systems designer, and a lead technical artist. For the first, Creative Assembly needs someone you work for on the economy of the game, progression, challenges, leaderboards, worldbuilding and events; this suggests that it is a multiplayerprobably with some form of in-game transactions.

The systems designer will deal with weapons, gadgets, movement, skills, health and other basic systems. Instead the technical artist must only demonstrate practical experience with PBR (physical based rendering); an interesting detail for this last assignment is that the works will be prepared in view of discussions with partners, so it's likely that, as done with Halo, Creative Assembly is working on his new project with someone's help. For more news, we just have to wait.