GWENT, the CD Projekt Red video game that reproduces the most popular card game in the setting of The Witcher, has so far been entirely dedicated to multiplayer. Things will change with the arrival of Thronebreaker, which will introduce a single player campaign; however, the wait will be longer than expected. Indeed Thronebreaker, which was due to be released at the end of this year, will arrive next year (for now there is no specific date).

The good news for GWENT lovers is that the referral is not due to problems of sorts but to a decision, by dev, of expand the single player campaign, going beyond the limits initially envisaged. In addition to this, CD Projekt Red has something in store for multiplayer lovers too: updates will be more frequent, so you can expect to see more cards, new challenges and objects, as well as the inevitable patches.

CD Projekt Red made the announcement, and discussed the state of development, in a post on the official website of the game, signed by co-founder Marcin Iwiński. The devs apologized for failing to hail the fans, and those who hoped to try Thronebreaker during the Christmas holidays, but they repeated that they will never hesitate to postpone a game, if it means deliver a better final product.

GWENT has been in open beta since May of this year, and in the past we have also spoken of closed beta. The complete launch is expected for the 2018.