While the dispute over the loot boxes goes wild, Valve continues to work in the background, and to grind results to make your head spin. In the wake of the Black Friday offers, and with the start of the autumn sales, Steam was literally stormed. Saturday 25 November, well seventeen million users they connected in the arc of 24h, hunting for offers and discounts or simply to play.

The peak, along with many other data, is verifiable here. 6,8 million users who connected on Saturday did well to play - and of these, 2,9 million did it specifically to play at Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. You have understood it well: on the largest digital video distribution platform, on Saturday after the Black Friday, a single game got almost half the share of active players. And this without PUBG still arriving in China. The result is unbelievable


Steam had a challenging week.

At this rate, where will Valve and Steam arrive? And what about Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, whose success caused a sudden fever for battle royale? Whatever you can say about the current state of the gaming industry, surely the unpredictability is never missing.