Money is the engine of the world and knows it well Nintendo which, according to a ranking drawn up by the daily newspaper Tokyo Keizai, the company of Mario & Co. is the first in a list of the richest 500 companies in Japan.

With a liquidity that is around 946 billion yen, it is no surprise to see Nintendo in the first place seen the great success of Wii, 3DS and now switch, despite the decline of the era Wii U: what could rather surprise is the fourth position of Sony, given its commitment not only in gaming, like the Kyoto House but in many technology sectors; in any case the liquidity of the latter has not been made known so we can not expose ourselves to what Nintendo is "superior" to Sony in this field.

An excellent result for Nintendo who is again experiencing a golden period with switch since its first year of release; we will see if 2018 will be so lucky for the Japanese company that at the moment can enjoy this well-deserved primacy.