During a livestream on Twitch, CD Projekt Red's devs unveiled twenty new cards coming to GWENT in December, as part of the Midwinter Update.

GWENT was originally a card game, contained in The Witcher 3 as minigame. Thanks to its popularity (and to that of online card games in general), it is currently a multiplayer game in open beta, with a single player campaign coming to the 2018. First, however, the Midwinter Update will be released during the month of December; the update will add well 100 new cards, which will be unveiled 20 at a time.

Along with the new cards, CD Projekt Red spoke in rather vague terms of a new game mode. There are no details on what it is, except that it will focus on random nature some papers; it could therefore be a draft mode, in which you do not play with decks prepared in advance.

Among the changes also some changes to the game mechanics: added the stroke immunità, which will make it impossible to target certain units to perform certain actions (but this does not apply to Area of ​​Effect based attacks). Added the duels, in which the strength of a unit corresponds to its attack value, which deducts force from the opposing card.

On the official website you can find the list of all the cards revealed so far. The episode of Twitch is visible here .