The controversies continue with EA and microtransactions: after the chaos generated by Star Wars: Battlefront II, now it's up to UFC 3, currently in beta, which did not stop the complaints of those who could participate in the test phase. According to what they reported different usersin fact, the new game of EA Sports would be very addressed to the pay-to-win, with microtransactions and loot boxes that would guarantee upgrades even during online matches.

Through real money it is currently possible to buy loot boxes containing power ups that allow the creation of a fighter much stronger than normal, which will then give the opportunity to those who spend a lot of money to excel against those who simply simply play without further disbursements.

The same can be said for the perks that, once purchased through microtransactions, will be consumed with their uses and will encourage them to buy more, being almost impossible for one player to beat another who has benefited from these boosts. It must be emphasized that currently the game is in beta and things could change when UFC 3 it will be available on the market, but recent events certainly do not make us hope.