Crossovers are not something new nowadays, between video games and especially movies we are used to seeing heroes belonging to different worlds and sagas gathering for a common evil. A similar thing is happening with Dota 2, the well-known MOBA, and one of Capcom's key figures: Amaterasu of the masterpiece Okami.

The same Japanese software house has indeed posted a workshop which depicts a mod with the appearance of Amaterasu, which can be used as a courier; in reality this is at the moment just a proposal and you have to vote favorably if you really want to see the four-legged deity in Dota 2.

Probably this of Capcom It's a commercial move since the arrival of Okami HD, next week, for PlayStation 4, PC e Xbox One; an initiative that could in any case please all lovers of Dota 2 and of the IP Capcom.