The launch of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds on Xbox One is imminent: in a week the battle royale of the moment will also land on the console of Microsoft, and for those who want to cheat the wait from here to the exit, you can already buy DLC cosmetics, exclusive to the Xbox One version.

Microsoft has announced three DLC Packs that will be exclusive to Xbox. They will all be in-game purchases, for sale only for a limited period of time - that is, as long as the game is in Xbox Game Preview mode. The first one arrives today, 7 / 12 / 2017. At a cost of $ 10 dollars, the Warrior Pack offers a hat, a t-shirt, a pair of pants, and sneakers. A price maybe high for so little content, but as long as the players are willing to pay ... The DLC pack will be available from the 7 10 December.

The second of these limited edition cosmetic DLCs will be the accessory pack, which will offer a hat and gloves for $ 5. Will be available from the 14 17 December. The third DLC pack, always at the cost of five dollars, will be the Tracksuit Pack, which will offer - as per name - a suit.

DLCs ​​are presented as rarities, since they will be available for so little time and only on Xbox. We will see what will be the reaction of PC players, who have actually made this game the worldwide phenomenon that is currently, while it is still in Early Access.

The final release of the PC version is scheduled for this month, and together with the launch on Xbox, it is appropriate to say that December will be an explosive month for Playerunknown's Battlegrounds.