5 person is one of the best titles of the 2017 and certainly the best RPG this year, so as to deserve the award during the Game Awards aired a few days ago; his great success has pushed Atlus has created an anime version that tells the story of the game in the form of animation and call, in fact, Person 5 the Animation.

There is no information on this, but soon we can finally learn more: Atlus has indeed announced that the December 24 will be broadcast a special stream, The "Super Ultimate Secret Information Reveal! Broadcast SP", Live worldwide on YouTube and Abema TV.

Several actors will take part in the broadcast, lending their voices to the characters, among whom we find Jun Fukuyama for the protagonist, Futaba Sakura for Aoi Yuuki e Goro Akechi for Souichiro Hoshi. The appointment is set for the Italian 12.00 hours on Christmas Eve.