An incredible result has just been achieved by Nintendo Switch, the Japanese hybrid console whose success is certainly not a novelty that we discover today. The excellent sales are under everyone's eye and the same video game chains have always spoken well of the Nintendo console, but now we have an official data made known by the same Japanese company: Switch, only 9 months from the market arrival, has sold 10 millions of units.

To make a comparison, in the same period Wii sold 13 millions of pieces then reaching the incredible numbers that made history, while Wii U stopped at just 3,91 million, reaching in total almost 14 millions throughout its life cycle. Nintendo Switch, in practice, in less than a year has almost reached the numbers that its predecessor has done in 6 years, with a sales perspective much closer to that of Wii therefore.

Thanks to all of you, Nintendo Switch has sold 10 million copies in just 9 months. We can't wait to continue giving you smiles even in 2018!

Published by Nintendo Switch on the fact Tuesday 12 December 2017

The forecasts really want the Nintendo 14 million by the end of the fiscal year; a goal not impossible given the incredible success of the console and the upcoming Christmas holidays coming; Nintendo Switch will be able to equal the success of Wii or it too will have to "surrender" to the phenomenon of the Wiimote e Wii Sports?