All lovers of Dante and Vergil will certainly have celebrated at the announcement of the Devil May Cry HD Collection; the idea of ​​reliving the main adventures from the series in remastered version and in high definition is certainly something positive, but unfortunately not everyone can celebrate or otherwise be satisfied.

Capcom has indeed communicated that the games will run at 1080p and 60fps on all consoles, also PlayStation 4 Pro e Xbox One X, as well as on their "weakened" counterparts. Nothing 4K therefore, despite the two consoles could well support it if behind it there was the will of a more massive restoration work by Capcom.

Really a pity therefore: to play a Devil May Cry HD Collection, the 13 March 2018, with the increase in resolution from the original 720p to the 1080p is excellent, but it seems just a wasted opportunity dictated more by a lazy development than by the weight of the game itself.